Monday, June 6, 2011

John Eichelberger----Shenandoah National Park
Week 3

This week Heather and I were sent out with maintenance and specifically the Auto shop and warehouse. I also had the Unique opportunity to work with the GIS department, which included finding burried utility lines for an ongoing water problem at Big Meadows .. I also got to tag trees along skyline drive which are hazardous and need removing for visitor safety.

(Interesting side note about the warehouse is that during WW II the government actually housed some precious Smithsonian artifacts here at Shenandoah because of its remoteness and security!)

The highlights of the week for sure was an opportunity to be part of three separate carryouts( only one actually needed a litter team).. It was interesting and fun and made me really feel like part of the team doing my part to get an injured visitor out of the park and to safety. it was a test of conditioning and team work against rough terrain and a dark evening that lasted well into the night!

Shenandoah always brings surprises whether it be the interesting visitors, team members, knowledgeable volunteer workers, or the wildlife....

Let the Adventures continue ....

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