Monday, June 6, 2011

SNP-->Week 3

Here I am, once again, at the end of another week. Somehow they seem to slip by every time I blink. This week was packed with activity. John and I spent our time with the maintenance division Tuesday through Friday and with PSAR on Saturday.

Tuesday I worked with Christine in asset management. We took the GPS camera out on Skyline Drive to practice using it and to create a list of directions designed to help people unfamiliar with the device use it easily. The work we completed helped John and the people he was working with to complete their work assignment the next day (marking hazardous trees for removal). Wednesday I worked with Norm and the other people in the GIS division. We drove up to Pinnacles Picnic Ground and mapped every single grill, picnic table, and pathway in the area. We marked the GPS coordinates, measured, and took pictures of every location. With 4 of us helping the work went pretty fast so we also moved on to a section of Elk Wallow campground and did the same thing there. Thursday I worked in the auto shop. I observed how to change the oil in a car, fix a broken tail light, fix a broken door handle, and re-charge the air conditioning unit. I also rode with Stan in a truck to try to figure out what was wrong with it. He was using a special device to run diagnostic tests on the engine. My experiences in the auto shop will probably be very helpful to me in the future. Friday I was working in the warehouse with Dan. He gave me the grand tour and and then we delivered mail to various people in the headquarters area. He even let me drive his GEM (a fully electronic vehicle)!

Saturday was a lot of fun, too! John and I helped out Casey, Todd, and Derrick (the PSAR crew). Derrick and I hiked Dark Hollow Trail and talked to visitors at the bottom while Casey, Todd, and John stayed at the top to do the same thing. We handed out bandanas and water bottles to hikers and told them to be safe. This week ended with a SAR last night and a lovely hike today to Rappadan camp where President Hoover came almost every weekend to fish and get away from Washington.

Once again, I have had a great week full of new and fun experiences. Starting tomorrow John and I will conquer interp. and education!

Until next week,

Heather Hyde

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