Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cohort 1 SLETP

For the past 3 weeks Cohort 1 has been attending the Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Academy at Temple University to obtain a type 2 Law Enforcement Commission. It has been very rigorous and consists of long days full of law classes, behavioral classes, and intense PT. This is by far no "walk in the park". With the first 3 weeks done we get to begin some more hands on training including defensive tactics, driver training, enforcement operations, firearms, and patrol procedures. Because of the sensitivity of the topics that we are learning we are not able to disclose specifics on exactly what we are learning day by day. I can say a few things.... to Cohort number 2, stay focused on your internships and learn as much as possible from the great supervisors that have been hand selected for you. You will remember this summer for the rest of your life so make the best of it. To everybody else who have been supporting us, we thank you. We would not be here without the support that many of you have graciously given to this program. For more information on what we have been doing and to see some pictures be sure to check out the SLETP academy blog at

Until next time,
Trainee Aaron Lyle

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