Friday, June 3, 2011

Gettysburg Week 3

The last week here at gettysburg has been just as exciting and informative as the first. I finished up with the maintenance division and moved on to interpretation training with the other interns and some seasonals. We started by being introduced to the rest of the interpretation staff and going over the basics of what an interpretation ranger does. After we got that out of the way we were taken on a tour of the of the battlefeild and the three day battle that took place. It was a lot of information to take in but being able to physically walk through the exact spots where they were fighting allowed me to visualize what the action was like on those three days. The instructors also did an excellent job of illustrating exactly what happened including outlining the battle lines, the postions of each unit, their communication, and the ways they moved across the battlefeild. I learned a lot about the action that took place here in 1863 over the last few days and the best part is, I had fun doing it.

Also to add to some of the interesting things that have gone on here over the last few days, we got a visit from Sarah Palin and her family this week. She came and went rather quickly and with the help of her security and my fellow park rangers, managed to evade the reporters without much difficulty.

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