Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shenandoah National Park-- John Eichelberger

This week started out with us finishing up our stint with Administration. They put together an exercise where Heather and I had to locate "lost" Government items. This was challenging because we had to use all of our past experiences learned from the previous week to solve the exercise. We finished the exercise off with a lunch/after action review , which helped us understand how we completed the task. (Thanks for a fun week guys)

(If you have time please check out some of the interesting history of Shenandoah National Park and see just how amazing the history and amount of work that went into creating this park. )

The rest of the week was almost completely devoted to the 75th rededicating ceremony. This was a big event for the park and it was interesting and a good experience for us to sit through the various supervisor meetings throughout the week which gave us a greater understanding of just how much planning went into the event. (on an interesting side note, the event was treated like incident and the supervisors used the same Incident Command Structure that would be used for say a large wildfire. This helped keep everything in order and was a good refresher for Heather and myself to see how an ICS works in real life.)

We had various tasks throughout the week. I personally did set up moving seats and tables, traffic control( for a detour that was set up around the event), and on Saturday I was part of the parking group. Although parking cars for the whole day wasn't the most exciting and we didn't get to see the proceeding of the event we got the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting visitors, and it felt good knowing that at the end of the day we accomplished our jobs and the event went on to great success.

looking forward to our next week and I am excited to see you all and hear about how your summers are going at leadership camp.
John Eichelberger

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