Friday, July 1, 2011

Colonial Week 5

Fellow Prorangers leadership camp is just around the corner!!!! I'm more excited than ever to see all of you. My fifth week at Colonial was one spent with the Administration Division. This was a great experience. I had the opportunity to sit in on a meeting of all the division heads and superintendents of the park as they discussed the issues of the previous week, and the tasks for the current week, and looking down the road for upcoming events and tasks which needed to be taken care of. One common theme that currently stuck with me while being in the administrative division was the theme of managing ones time. The Colonial administrative workers ability to adequately manage their time and workload, while being prepared for new unexpected tasks are beyond belief. I tip my hats to all of them for their hard work. In this week with those who work in administration I constantly thought of the importance of being able to keep track of data and record keeping skills. Everyone in the department brought this thought process back to my mind in their phenomenal skills in keeping all their records and data keeping techniques. It is some that is crucial in their positions in the park due to possible calls they may receive, to any types of legal problems that can occur which call a need to that data. It was a week I thoroughly enjoyed!

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