Friday, July 1, 2011

Colonial Week 4

Checking in the Charger
Hey everybody! My fourth week at Colonial was spent with the Law Enforcement branch, where I had the opportunity to take part in ride along with the rangers. Two highlights of the week were that I went to court and saw some of the rangers deal with some of their cases (for the defendants who showed up to fight their case). It was a very interesting experience being able to see firsthand interactions in the court room, and the proceedings which may follow. The second highlight of the week, which happens to be my favorite part, was aiding in vehicle transport process with the rangers. For two days I helped by transporting vehicles that were serviced at an offsite location back to Colonial. I drove the Crown Victoria, an Explorer, and a Charger! Additionally, during the week I also aided ranger Harold Park in telling illegally parked individuals to move their cars or else they would be towed. The beauty of the week was that it has me so ready for the rest of the time that I am going to spend with law enforcement for the summer. Each ranger with whom I have interacted with has been very receptive, respectful, welcoming, and helpful to me at Colonial.

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