Friday, July 1, 2011


Let me just start out by saying, WOW!! This academy has been one of the best experiences of my life!! I found myself earlier in the academy, mostly during defensive tactics, waking up every morning feeling sore and covered in bruises and cuts from the previous day itching to get back in the classroom and learn. I use the word classroom very loosely as a great deal of our time is spent outside where we will be working from day to day. The connection between the different trainees has been growing stronger and stronger the further we get into the academy. No matter what we are going through or what struggles we encounter we always have one another's backs and do whatever we can to get through it. If a trainee is struggling during an exercise in PT the fellow trainees will not stop doing the exercise until we all accomplish the task at hand. It is this teamwork mentality that I feel will get us far in this career. Also the academy has pushed us physically and mentally preparing us further for the future. I am amazed that we are already more then halfway done and with subject areas including firearms and driving on the horizon I can only think that the remainder will fly by! "RANGERS!!!!!""STRIKE HARD, STRIKE FAST!!"

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