Thursday, July 28, 2011

FOMC- Administration & Law Enforcement

From here on out it looks as though I will be spending the remainder of my time working with Law Enforcement and Administration! This pay period and next pay period I will be working two days a week with administration and three days a week with law enforcement.

I was oriented in the Administration division and what their job description in the National Park Service, and particularly FOMC, bestows upon them. In administration, I started off my day by creating a proposal for the associated cost of personnel hours for the upcoming fiscal year. I was taught how the system works then took on the task of creating this for each employee in each division. I did this for law enforcement, maintenance and interpretation.

Next, I scanned the old and current Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) so they will be readily available for the other employees to access. Fort Mchenry has an entire room dedicated solely to filing. I went into the Central Files room and learned how to use the NPS filing codes to file papers into the central filing system.

Saturday, I worked with law enforcement and we went over one of the ranger's case incident reports for an encroachment issue at HAMP. We edited his report to have the right information and data on the narrative sheet. It was important that his report be factual, concise, and to the point.

The park was pretty empty due to the extreme heat so we took the spare time to catch up on some small work and to wash the patrol vehicles. Even the patrol vehicles need to be shown some love!

I closed out my week by being shown the closing procedures for both HAMP and FOMC, and the differences between them. Hampton is patrolled more in a vehicle because the park is larger. Fort Mchenry is patrolled more by foot and letting the visitors, runners, and bikers know that the park will be closing. FOMC has far more visitors then HAMP so by the time the park closes, the closing procedures run somewhat quicker. In both parks we look to make sure everything is secured and that there are no strange vehicles or visitors remaining inside the park.

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