Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Good Evening Prorangers, I know I haven't made any posts up to this point and I've been relying on Erin to do it all but I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on the past week. I wasn't sure what to expect of everyone else before we got to the camp because very few of us new each other besides those times when we got together at the customs house, but I would like to say that I was pleasantly suprised by the individual efforts and the teamwork that everyone showed. It really is rare to see that kind of teamwork, support, and genuine concern from a group of people that barely know each other and it is something that everyone can be proud of.

For many people this past week was also a week of overcoming fears and pushing through injuries. Many of you were apprehensive about what the week had in store for us and whether it was going to be like "boot camp" but you all worked your hardest and kept positive attitudes in spite of being pushed to your emotional and physical limits when others would have given up. The challenge now will be to continue to push yourselves past those limitations because you have already proven that you can. I know everyone who reads this blog will be expecting great things from each of you, and I also know how easy it is to make excuses for yourself but at the end of the day the person you let down the most when you do make excuses for not giving it all you have is yourself.

It was good to get to know everyone a little bit better this past week and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone at the after action meeting in August. Also, don't forget the lessons that General Jones gave us, it is a rare opportunity to be able to meet someone like him and I hope that the advice he gave us will help all of you to become better leaders and achieve the goals you want to achieve.

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