Friday, August 12, 2011

INDE Week 12

Tomorrow is our last day at Independence National Historical Park and it seemed to come out of nowhere. It feels like just yesterday that we were being issued our i.d. cards and badges and going on our first tour of the park. Since then, we have met hundreds, if not thousands of people from around the world, worked special events, aided injured visitors, walked in a parade, got to handle historical artifacts, play a reproduction glass armonica, traveled to Washington D.C., survived Leadership Camp, witnessed the 20 millionth visitor to the Independence Visitor Center, saw mayors, former governors, potential presidential candidates, Charlie Manuel, and so much more. It has been a great time, and we couldn't have worked with a better park staff.

During our last week here, we got a chance to meet up with the Valley Forge ProRangers and have a brief training and practice with the fire arms trainging simulator. As our instructor, Ranger Hopf put it, "it's like a Wii on steroids". The simulator puts you in realistic situations with individuals that could be in any park, and allows you to learn the best way to deal with an unknown situation, and when to use force.

The system is a great learning tool for siutational awareness, assesing people's behavior, decision making, reaction time, firearms accuracy, and much more.

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