Monday, September 26, 2011

After Action Meeting 2011

The ProRangers met with officials from Temple university and NPS leadership from the Northeast & National Capitol regions to not only review the accomplishments of the past year, but to also hear where the program is heading in the future.
The Chief Ranger of the Northeast region, Stephen Clark, reviewed the successes of the program and shared his personal connection with several of the students that grew up in the area, revealing a personal photo from his early camping experiences in urban Philadelphia.
Northeast Regional Director Dennis Reidenbach, champion of the Director's Call-to-Action item "Home-Grown", shared how the ProRanger programs will lead to similar programs across the park service, servicing numerous types of positions, expanding from law enforcement.
Associate Director for the National Capitol region, Phillip Sellek, a strong advocate for the program, reflected on the successes enjoyed by the NCR and renewed his commitment to developing the ProRangers into sought after Rangers.
Dr. Peter Jones, one of the programs architects from Temple university, described how ProRanger has evolved in a positive way, and looks forward to maintaining Temple's forward-looking approach while striving for excellence.
Dr. McGarvey, Vice-Provost for University College, home of the ProRanger Certificate program that she has passionately brought to reality, shared her passion for making the program even more successful as we drive forward.

After a short video, all that gathered enjoyed a "meet and greet" where the attendees asked questions and were afforded an opportunity to meet with Temple and NPS leadership.

Thanks to all the caring leaders that made the time to attend this event. the impact that your presence made will be felt by these young people for years to come.

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