Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Post Academy

Well I’ve got to say, it sure does feel good being done with the academy. I finally get to catch up on some sleep! It’s so exciting to see that all our hard work is paying off. A couple of my fellow cohorts are in the process of getting hired while a few of us, including myself, are in the process of finishing up our education.

Starting last week I have been able to volunteer some of my time to Valley Forge National Historical Park, a place where I soon hope to be commissioned. I thought to myself that it would be beneficial to me if I started to get a grasp of a park that I know so little about. To kick off my volunteering, I was able to partake in the National Public Lands Day event held at Valley Forge. Members of the community volunteered their Saturday morning to help clean and revitalize the park in an effort to preserve its natural beauty. The event was a big success and was celebrated with a much needed barbecue.

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