Sunday, October 9, 2011

Volunteer Update

This past Saturday and friend of mine, Preston Mandes, who also graduated with me from the Temple SLETP accompanied me on a Park Watch Patrol. He and I have both been volunteering at Valley Forge for about three weeks now and finally got together this past weekend to go on a partnered patrol. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for him, Preston will be partaking in a Wilderness EMT class that is scheduled to last for about a four weeks. He is doing everything he can to be recognized, from volunteering his time at the park and by putting himself through an EMT course. I am without a doubt certain that he will stand out and be placed soon. Good luck!

Today, the park hosted an annual event that commemorated Von Steuben. He played a crucial role at Valley Forge, to get more info. I suggest searching his name on a reputable site. I was able to help out with traffic control and was pleased to be able to use road flares for the first time. Everyday at the park is a new learning experience!!

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