Monday, April 16, 2012

New ProRanger

Hi everyone! Thanks for taking a look and this post and getting to know me. My name is Jess Cooper and I am a sophomore at Temple University. I am currently studying Political Science as well as minoring in Chinese. I am a native of Philadelphia and I am very excited to be  to studying at Temple University where I got the opportunity to join the third cohort of the ProRanger Program.

I heard about the ProRanger Program during my freshman year in college from a few people who were already in the program at the time. I thought about seeing what the program was all about and once I decided that it was a wonderful opportunity, I applied in my sophomore year and got accepted! I am excited to be working for the National Park Service because I am passionate about what the NPS does for the American image. People from all over the world come to this nation to see our parks, and I would love to be part of their experience.

This summer, I will be doing my first internship at Prince William Forest Park in Virginia. This marks the first time that I will be away from home for more than a week. This is something new for me so I will be going there with my eyes and mind wide open. Because this is my first time actually living in a national park, I will be taking pictures and making sure to document every new experience here on the ProRanger blog. I hope you will continue to follow me during this brand new experience. Thanks again for reading!


  1. Thank you for the great blog post! This blog is truly interactive. I appreciate all the work you’ve been doing. Good stuff. This can be exactly what i was looking for. Continue the good work.

  2. Jess, We are looking forward to your arrival next week! Tracy Ballesteros (NPS, PRWI)