Monday, April 16, 2012

Gateway Nation Recreational Area: My First Internship

Good evening, my name is Vinny Lemba and I am currently a freshman at Temple University, studying Criminal Justice. I am from a small town in northern New Jersey, where I lived my whole life, up until this year where I lived on campus in Philadelphia. Back in October, adapting to a new school I decided to go on a camping trip to find ways to get involved and meet new people, that is where I first heard about this program. After the trip I really didn’t do much thinking about it and was skeptical. It wasn’t until a month later where my Criminal Justice professor reminded me about Pro Ranger and recommended me to apply. I took her advice, although still skeptical and went out on a limb. The program grew on me throughout the process of filling out my application and talking to people, especially Mr. Sweet. By the time my interview came up I knew this was the right program for me. By the end of November I found out I was one of the few selected for the National Park Service’s Pro Ranger Program here at Temple.
Throughout high school I was always involved and maintained a busy schedule, I told myself I would be just involved here in college. I always took on many responsibilities and looked for my next challenge. Back in my home town I am a Police Reserve Officer where I went through an academy and graduated May of last year. For the past few years I knew law enforcement was the right fit for me. It would be a career where I would have the opportunity to serve and protect and most importantly help people. This program gives me the opportunity to do just that and much more. In fact it gives me an opportunity of a lifetime for which I am grateful. Not only will it allow me to see many sites of this country I would not normally get to see, but it also gives job security during a time of a poor economy.
In December I found out I will be stationed at Gateway Nation Recreational Area, in Sandy Hook, NJ, where I have many found memories. Back in my scouting days I visited the Park twice, where on my second trip I organized the entire campout; we took a tour of the historical sites and enjoyed the wilderness. Throughout my life I visited a few other National Park sites as well, such as Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Gettysburg, Valley Forge, and sites in Washington, D.C.   I look forward to the journey this program will bring me!

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