Monday, May 14, 2012

Acadia National Park: First Impressions from a Minnesotan and ProRanger

Good Evening to all Pro Rangers, NPS employees and anyone else who has stumbled upon this blog,

      I am just writing a quick entry to make sure that my account is functional and to let all ProRangers know that I am doing horrible up here in Maine, as I am constantly reminded of my much beloved home state of Minnesota.  Between all these grandiose views from numerous mountain summits, the twinkle from stars in the night-sky, unaffected by city lights and this annoying smell of fresh sea air, I'm afraid I may just end up returning to Philadelphia by the end next week (I have the Motorboat Operator Certification Course, Wildland Fire Certification for my Redcard and hopefully taking my Maine/National EMT-B practical and written exam test, in the next two weeks).  Not sure what George Dorr and Rockefeller saw in this place?  

     That all being said, I'm going to keep sticking this out and learn to love all this natural beauty, quietness and overall abundance of postcard worthy, New England coastal scenes, mixed in with the friendless locals I've met in the last six years.  I wish you all well and hope all of your parks are truly as amazing and unique as Acadia National Park.


Beau Vreeland

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