Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie Flecha. I was born in Paterson, NJ but moved to Hamburg, PA when I was 11 years old. Hamburg is a small country town, surrounded by other small townships. So small that when we got to middle school all the townships (four of them) all went to the one school and then high school.  I am currently a senior at Temple University majoring in International Business Administration/Legal Studies. I have been at temple for three years now; I transferred from Alvernia University freshman year. For those of you who do not know where that is, it’s in Reading, PA (it’s a private catholic school).  The campus was not big and the campus life was not that interesting.  I wanted to go somewhere different, somewhere where there would be more opportunities for me. When I came to Temple University for a tour, I fell in love with campus and all the different things it had to offer me.

I heard of the NPS by Don Sweet, the organization I am in had him come for one of our general body meetings to discuss this great opportunity. I had always been interested in law enforcement and started as criminal justice major but later moved into the business and legal studies.  I had never heard of the NPS before this presentation. Although I had visited the national park in Gettysburg and Valley Forge, but did not know that they were national parks. After hearing this presentation, I had did some research and realized how great opportunity it would be for me and that the NPS has many aspects that my major could fit into it. After going through the process and seeing all the opportunities that came along with it, I knew I could not give it up.

This summer I will be at Independence National Historical Park, right in center city (Philadelphia). This park spans over 55 acres on a 20 city block within the historic district of the City of Philadelphia. TheIndependence National Historical Park , preserves and interprets many of our country's most important resources associated with the establishment of the United States of America. I have never really visited the entire park and I am looking forward to doing so this summer. As a class we went to Independence Hall, which was the first time I had ever been there, but never toured around the whole park. I plan on taking everything I can and soaking the whole experience in. I want to learn about our history and the history behind all the parks I get to visit this summer. This park has so much importance and value to it that it is a great place to internship at for the first time.

I do plan on taking road trips, as much as possible to visit other parks where my other members are. So make sure you stay tuned to my adventures this summer while interning at Independence NationalHistorical Park and visiting other parks as well.

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