Thursday, May 17, 2012

First Week In Colonial National Historical Park

For the first week in Colonial NHP, I got to experience living on my own for the first time. I also had the opportunity to experience Virginia for the first time as well. It's very different here than growing up in Philly. From what I have seen and experienced at Colonial, it is definitely a place remembering for the history, the people, and scenery. It is very beautiful here. It has a lot to offer, and I still have much to learn.

The picture above is of the Victory Monument in Yorktown. It was the first thing I took a picture of here in Colonial. Its enormous size was overwhelming at first. But the signifigance is what really inspired me to take the picture. This Tuesday, Colonial held a ceremony of Joint Forces at the Victory Monument, which granted all active military personel and family members a free annual pass to all National Parks. At this event we met the Director of the National Park Service Jonathan Jarvis, and the Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar. They presented an annual pass to a representative from all five branches of the military. Not only was it an honor to meet them personally, but it was an honor to be a part of an event that held much value in the NPS and U.S. Military.

What a terrific start to my summer here at Colonial also has in store. I'm looking forward to learning and experiencing as much as I can during my stay.  I hope everyone else is enjoying their parks as well and also off to a great start.

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