Monday, June 11, 2012

Boston National Historical Park Weeks 3 and 4

Whats up everybody, sorry for the delay but we have been having some issues logging into the system, but we're back and ready to show everyone what has been going on up here in Boston. Week 3 was basically our week with cultural resources. We learned about the artifacts here at the park and the procedures that need to be done via curatorial assessments  in order for the park to want to make structural changes to a historical landscape or monument. We were also given the task of organizing well over 2000 slides of the navy yard in the 1970's into binders for the curatorial archives.
Curatorial Slides

Wayne shooting AR-15 airsoft Rifle
Week 3 ended with a bang! On our lieu day, we went to the park's LE crossfit training facility and worked on self defense tactics with our supervisor. We learned how to possibly ward off a grappling attack to the head, midsection, legs, and how to subdue an attacking suspect if the fight ends up on the ground. We also went over use of force procedures and did some shooting practice with the Airsoft rifles.
Wayne Sprawl on Mark
Mark Sprawl on Wayne
Wayne attacking Mark in demonstration of defending against surprise attack

Week 4 was our week with maintenance. We were orientated on how the different divisions within maintenance work and were given a tour of all of the buildings specifially to know where the boiler rooms and where the circuit breakers were. The workers at maintenance made our whole experience there relevant to Law Enforcement and also emphasized the importance of safety when there is an emergency. We also got a chance to dip our hands in some welding of metals to create wedges.

Mark making wedges

Wayne making metal wedges

After we left maintenance, we got our first chance to work with law enforcement, we shadowed the rangers and got a good understanding of how the jurisdiction of the park works. On Saturday, we worked with the volunteers at the Cassin Young and helped remove some old junk from the bottom of the front end of the ship in the bunking units. On Sunday, we assisted the rangers with crowd control for the Bunker Hill Day Parade. This day commemorated the first battle at Bunker Hill.

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