Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Boston Week 9-10

This week started off great, we worked with the LE Rangers from here and minuteman. We first assisted our supervisor with the decision on whether a vehicle should be towed, and we decided to tow it. The next day, we went to the range and participated in a mock shooting qualification test. Each of us did very well and we got an opportunity to fire some very cool weapons. On Friday, we were involved in a Bait Bike operation up at the Bunker Hill Monument. Wayne and I were a part of the surveillance team positioned on the roof, while other rangers were on the grounds around the monument waiting on bikes to apprehend anyone who attempted to steal the bait bike. It took an abundance of patience. Patience that paid off a half hour before the shift ended, and someone attempted to take the bike. The rangers on the ground were alerted by our supervisor who was also on the roof with us providing surveillance, and the arrest was made. Upon the arrest being made, we concluded the operation by taking the bike, surveillance materials, and the suspect back to the ranger station for the suspect to take part in the booking process. We topped our week by taking working a night shift  in Minuteman National Historical Park; a park that traditionally does not have law-enforcement rangers on after 6 pm. While there, the rangers Mark and I were stationed to, did an abundance of traffic stops in the park, one of which involved an individual driving over 60 miles per hour in a 40 mph zone. Mark and another ranger were also attacked by a swarm of white faced hornets while in their motor vehicle and Mark was stung during the chaos.
Week 10
This week we met with the Chief Ranger and again and went over a couple of things about leadership and attended a status of funds meeting with him. Later in the day, we also accompanied the Chief and a Supervisory Ranger to a Community meeting that involved the locals and the local PD. The next day, we got a chance to work with the Rangers at BOAF (Boston African American Historical Site). We saw how they ran their interp programs over there and had to opportunity to be given a tour by two of the Rangers there. On Thursday, Wayne and I travelled up to Lowell for taser training. This was just a refresher course, so we did not receive the certification. We did have a chance to learn hands on how the taser operates and we fired it a couple of times. On Friday, we attended a Status of Funds meeting. It was very interesting to see how the park managers and superintendent deal with the park budget in a group setting. We learned a lot, and got a chance to see where the park stood regarding funds as the end of the fiscal year fast approaches.
Things here at Boston NHP are winding down for Mark and I. However, keep an eye out for the MOTHER OF ALL BLOGS, where all our all experiences in Law-enforcement will be brought together in a week of scenarios rendered by our supervisor to test all we have learned. Until then, its picture time! See all of you at leadership camp!

Mark using Taser

Wayne using Taser

Wayne and Mark at Minuteman

Mark with 2 BOAF Interpretive Rangers

Wayne At Podium at African American Meeting House

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