Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Acadia National Park Starts Summer Season

    The month of June has finally come to an end and it was a great month here in Down East Maine.  Over the past month I have done so many things and worked with so many interesting individuals, all while seeing how all the divisions here in Acadia work together to fulfill the stated NPS mission statement within the Organic Act.
   Over the past few weeks I have been doing my best to enjoy Acadia National Park and learn what I can from the NPS staff here.  Other then the vast amount of information and Acadia National Park history that I have absorbed from my Supervisor, I have also enjoyed my time spent with maintenance and the Cultural and Historical Preservation Division.

   My time spent with the Maintenance Division was not what I thought it would be and was also a window into the history of Acadia.  Over the week I spent with Maintenance I was tasked with many jobs and assigned with many different employees, all with a diverse background and story to tell.  Most memorable was the day I spend with the Maintenance Division director and the Trails Crew.

    The day with the Director was spent between a very thorough explanation of how the Division operates along with the tasks it's responsible for, while the second half was spent getting a tour of the park.  The tour was given by someone who can see past the street signs and geographic landmarks.  I was shown the park as it may have looked almost 100 hundred years early when George Bucknam Dorr was drafting his idea to create a public park in the state of Maine.  I was shown old trail-heads that were marked by massive granite boulders, which had carved in them old trail names, but are now nearly forgotten as the rocks are covered in lichen and the trails have been taken back over by the woods.  All and all it was a good month.

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