Monday, July 23, 2012

Harpers Ferry NHP Internship Week #10

This week we worked predominantly with the law enforcement division.  We shadowed Sean Isham who is the supervisor for the law enforcement rangers.  He shared his experiences with us and taught us a great deal about how to be an efficient law enforcement ranger.  Isham shared a video with us of an auto burglary that was caught on video by a C&O Canal Ranger.  What we found especially interesting was his experience with Occupy Philadelphia he recently dealt with.  I (Renee) attended the SET Team training at Temple Ambler Campus and saw how the rangers deal with protesters.  Isham shared with us that the training came in to play many of times during his detail in Philadelphia.  
We also had the opportunity to shadow Anthony Arena.  He displays professional and safe habits while performing his patrol in the park.  Arena exhibited these qualities when we were first on scene for a serious medical emergency near Loudon Heights.  The medical emergency was so severe that a helicopter was deployed close to the scene to transport the victim to the hospital.  The day prior to this incident, we were called on scene for a man exposing himself to tubers on the Potomac River.  This week started out to be very eventful.  We learned a great deal being exposed to different situations that the law enforcement rangers encounter in their line of work.

John Brown's Bible

The next two days consisted of Visitor Services.  We worked at the John Brown Museum transiting visitors from one room to another.  Our favorite places were the Information Center and the Visitor Center at Cavalier Heights.  The park visitors would come in and ask a variety of questions, but the questions were generally about the orientation of the park.  With the help of a map we were successfully showing park visitors how to navigate around beautiful Harpers Ferry NHP.  There was also a roving detail where we were able to walk around and be a visible presence in the park.  Jackie got the “million dollar question” that we were waiting to be asked the whole summer.  It was about the advertisement that is located on Maryland Heights.  The only work visible is “POWDER”.  What kind of advertisement would you think that was about?  My first thought was that it was about gun powder because it is in Harpers Ferry, but the whole advertisement actually read: “Mennen's Borated Talcum Toilet Powder” and was painted in 1903 and 1906.  It was great to talk to park visitors and assist them as well.

The last day of this week, Jackie and I were sent out to the park to do patrolling on our own.  We opened the gates in the morning and answered some calls on the radio.  We were able to watch the artillery shooting at Bolivar Heights and sit in on Thomas Jefferson’s (re-enactor) presentation.  Public relations filled most of our day.  It was great to be able to carry out our duties without supervision. 
Written By: Renee Benson & Jackie Innella

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