Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ProRanger Paintball!

ProRangers and followers,

On Sunday, April 7 the ProRangers gathered for a paintballing event at Ridley Park Paintball in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania. The facility features three different paintball courses that are built on the grounds of the Ridley Park Swim Club. During the winter months, the Swim Club uses their facility as a paintball course in order to raise money for summer operations. The three courses at the facility include a “Speedball” course, a “Castle” course, and an “Urban Warfare” course. The speedball course is set up with multiple inflatable barriers that provide cover to the participants. The Castle course features several wooden pallets set up as cover, and a Castle structure at one end. While on the Castle course, one team defends the Castle while the opposing team attempts to attack and reach the Castle. This scenario is set up with a five minute time limit in order to add difficulty.

The favorite course of the ProRanger’s was the Urban Warfare design. This course was constructed inside of the swimming pool area. The design utilized the slope of the pool to create an elevation change between the two sides. The course was outfitted with multiple cover positions, including tires, and pallets. The ProRangers played several rounds of both the team elimination and capture the flag scenarios on this course.
The paintball activity day was a great experience that will give the ProRangers something to talk about for a long time! Special thanks to Meaghan Bauder, Mark Clarke and Charles Papacostas for organizing the event.

Stay updated with the ProRangers here at the Blog as we approach another exciting summer! 

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