Friday, April 26, 2013

ProRangers at Temple Ambler's EarthFest 2013!

On April 26th, 2013 ProRangers Jordan Keiffer, Renee Benson and Jennifer Pflugfelder, as well as Program Manager Luis Krug, hosted a booth at Temple Ambler's annual celebration, EarthFest. The event was a great success and the ProRanger's second opportunity to showcase the National Park Service for Ambler Campus students and classes from the surrounding school districts. The main focus of our presentation was to highlight National Parks in the local Philadelphia area that some visitors might not have visited, like Valley Forge National Historical Park, Hopewell Furnace National Historical Site, the Delaware Water Gap, and Independence National Historical Park. Many of the younger students (ranging from ages 5-18) were not aware of some of the parks located in their own backyard, so it was a great opportunity to spread the word. We enjoyed sharing our experiences as an everyday Ranger in the Park Service. We also shared some information about how Hurricane Sandy affected parks in the Northeast Region, the ProRanger Program, and displayed a board of all of the National Parks in the country for visitors to pin and show where they have been. There were many other great organizations at the event, such as FEMA, The Fish and Wildlife Service, the Philadelphia Zoo, Dow Chemical, and many, many others. We could not have asked for a nicer spring day on the beautiful Ambler Campus, and would like to thank all those who were involved with the planning and logistics of making sure that EarthFest was a success yet again! From the National Park Service and the ProRanger Program, we would like to thank Temple Ambler for hosting this amazing event and giving us the opportunity to showcase our parks. Stay tuned on the blog as ProRangers will be heading out to their new summer 2013 assignments and Temple's Law Enforcement Academy!

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