Sunday, September 15, 2013

My SLETP Experience

Greetings to all,
It has been a long time since my last blog post but I have been busy this past summer soaking in all the knowledge while I attended the SLETP academy at Temple's Ambler Campus. I graduated the SLEPT academy with the Distinguished Fitness Award. Words cannot truly describe how challenging but yet fun, the academy was. I learned about the purpose of being a park ranger and how to prepare myself for the field and being able to make it home safely after every shift. The academy required me to shut down any extra curricular activities that were not academy related. This adjustment was not that difficult but the amount of hours I had to spend studying and reviewing material did become stressful at times. This only made me a better person and student. Without the support of my family, classmates, and instructors, my time in the academy could have been harder. Despite certain obstacles, I'd have to say that the time at the range was the most exciting part. Everything except being OC sprayed was great, but I will always remember my time spent at the range. The range showed me that I could persevere through any mental obstacles that can inhibit a person.
 As of right now I am now in possession of a bachelor of science degree in Exercise Science and I am patiently waiting to be contacted by a park to start my career as a Law Enforcement ranger. I am enjoying life, exercising my mind and body, and I recently assisted Rangers in Fort Mchenry for their Defender's Day celebrations. I was on parking duties, assisted with security at access points, and I trailed the city parade with an EMS ranger. Fellow ProRangers Jay Copper, Renee Benson, and Jennifer Pflugfelder also assisted in the event. The FOMC staff was great and the visitors were very supportive and appreciated the mission of the park service. 
I would like to thank everyone for supporting the ProRanger program throughout the years and hopefully the support will continue. Peace to everyone and enjoy life.

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