Saturday, September 14, 2013

Overall Summer at Valley Forge!!!!

My summer at Vally Forge was an awesome experience that I will never forget! Majority of my time there consisted of training and gaining knowledge that can not only be used in the field of Law Enforcement, but are beneficial in everyday life. Unlike most of my other internships, I had the opportunity to have a more clear perspective on Law Enforcement. I was completely immersed in the Law Enforcement division, which allowed me to think more like the official I will soon become. Not only did I receive certifications, I was able to help visitors and educate them about the ProRanger program. The 4th of July was a prime event that allowed me to advocate fire protection and offer information about the daily tasks of a Park Ranger.

Throughout this summer, I was able to participate in investigations, interviewing, tactical training of clearing buildings, searches, frisks, and transport of subjects. At Valley Forge, I learned how to write work orders and learn the procedures of statement forms, first aid templates, and photo logs. The Rangers encouraged me to practice filling out written warnings and citations. I also spent time on surveillance and creating a reference log consisting of regulation signs. I even had the chance to assist with a vehicle accident by capturing photos of the vehicles involved and directing traffic. A lot of my academy training came in handy this summer and Valley Forge offered me the experience that will benefit my overall performance as a future Law Enforcement Ranger.

I achieved my goal of hiking and/or biking every trail at Valley Forge! Along my hikes, I was observational and reported any illegal activity or obstructing objects on the trails. I learned from every Ranger at Valley Forge and I was offered insightful information that will become resourceful as I take the next step to my future career. At Valley Forge, I picked up skills that I was not able to learn in a textbook. This summer, I really gained a hands on experience as a Law Enforcement Ranger and I am extremely grateful!

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