Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fort McHenry National Monument & Historical Shrine- Week 3,4,5 & 6

For the past 4 weeks I have been mainly in the Law enforcement division help out with collateral duties, monthly bike inspections, alarm and sprinkler yearly inspection/inventory, lost and found log book, entering some data into the IMARS program, foot patrol/bike patrol around the fort and the park grounds, and also assisting with closing the park. I had the experience to enter the United States courthouse for some cases, but no one showed up. Also I had the greatest experience to be able to patrol and crowd control at the U.S Navy, Civil War and U.S Army Tattoos here at the fort!

United States Court House-Baltimore, MD

U.S Navy Tattoo

Civil War Tattoo

U.S Army Tattoo

Last week I actually started to work with the Resource Management division and what I did was go to the partner historical site which is Hampton Mansion, home of the most wealthy Ridgely family. I went and vacuumed curtains and drapes from the main bedroom. Also, I did some curatorial inventory on a lot of historical items from the fort and the mansion such as photos, letters, newspaper articles, items that have been found like broken glass, plates, ceramics, you name it. I also was able to read some of the letters that were send and by the commander of Fort McHenry who was Commander George Armistead in the battle of  Baltimore in 1812.

Overseer's house at HAMP

HAMP Mansion

Slave Quarters

Slave Quarters

This week I am currently with the Maintenance division and focusing mainly on the preservation, part of the division. I have been working at the Hampton mansion again with  masonry repairing some stones and bricks, that have been cracked or falling apart and we had to try to maintain its structure and historical look of course.

Next week I should be with interpretation division and focusing more on the history part of FOMC, volunteering in the living history portion and also helping out visitors with their questions and assisting the main desk.

In addition, I also got the privilege to go on and see the Pride of Baltimore II ship here at FOMC was docked for July 4th and 5th. This ship which is a reproduction of the 1812 era of the Baltimore clippers that helped America defeat the British in the War of 1812.

If you would like to know more information and history on the Hampton National Historical Site here is the NPS link:

Also, here is the website for Pride of Baltimore if you want to know more of the history of the ship:

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