Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ghosts, Gatos, and Ice Cream

Hello my name is Nicholas Fitzke and I am the ProRanger currently stationed at San Juan National Historic Site.

Week one is complete! Spent my time getting to know a large portion of the staff here in Puerto Rico. Everyone has been so welcoming and each has their own little stories to tell about the park. I've learned that the park is haunted, wild cats populate the city and ice cream is way more expensive than in the states.

But overall this week has a great introduction into what is to come in the weeks ahead. I learned the jurisdictions of the site and even started making solo visitor contacts. The language barrier is sometimes tough but everyone is very friendly and understands.

Had one incident in which a statue near park grounds was vandalized. Took pictures and practiced my report writing. Someone had broken off a piece of the statue. I documented the incident with photos and created a report for the Chief.

Looking forward for whats next! Hopefully the ghosts that (apparently) populate my apartment are just as friendly as everyone else!

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