Monday, July 18, 2016

Busy in Boston

        I Started out the past week with CPR and First AID training. It was great to get this training. I feel confident in responding to an individual who is in need of CPR or First AID care. As far as trainings go; this is only the beginning of my trainings. I am planning on getting my EMT certificate within the next two years. Going through these trainings really excited me and helped motivate me to become that person that people can turn to in the case of a medical emergency. I am also working on getting my red card. This is the training that will enable me to fight forest fires once I am working for the NPS full time. I am really happy that I was given the resources to start this training.

I spent a couple days with resource management. I spent these days working in a warehouse where all the navy artifacts are kept from the time the Charlestown Navy Yard was an active navy yard.  I was able to work with another intern here at the park. We walked around and looked for specific artifacts from signs to old guns and nearly everything in between. This was a lot of fun working with these incredibly interesting items. I saw how much went into preserving these resources and the importance of keeping them in good condition.

Following my time with resource management I was able to spend some time with maintenance. I worked closely with the custodial division. I learned the importance of having a good presentation. The two most important locations are the front entrances and the bathrooms. I learned (and practiced) how to properly clean the bathrooms.  I was able to help sweep and mop floors. Clean up litter from the grounds as well as empty all the trash cans around the park and its different locations.
This is an extremely important division. I was so happy to see what they do and how they do it. The workload really adds up and takes a lot of planning and communication to ensure that every task is completed properly. I got an insight to the overall budget and how that shapes the maintenance division. I have had so much fun going from division to division learning the different responsibilities.      

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