Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Time flys..

Week 7 already. Only 3 more to go, a week break from life, and then onto seasonal academy. The life of a Pro Ranger is non-stop action and learning. Where does the time go?

My supervisors, Dr. McGarvey and Adrian Fernandez, came out to visit me at my park this week. They graced me with their presence Sunday evening as myself, Adrian, Dr. McGarvey, Chief Ranger Rick, and another ranger Dave went to a local bar/restaurant on the island to get some drinks and have a good time getting to know one another a little more.

The next day I had the opportunity to take Adrian and Dr. McGarvey pick Adrian and Dr. McGarvey up at Red Hook pier on St. Thomas and start the boating tour I promised them. It also was a good opportunity to showcase my boat operating skills as I am slowing becoming a natural and it was clearly conveyed :). It was a great tour indeed. I took them all along the north shore of the island and told them about a few contacts we had recently and also some common violations we encounter. Adrian was skeptical of my boat docking skills and of course, I had to show him the skills I acquired. After the boat tour, I drove them out to the south side of the island to show them that area and how it isn't patrolled enough because of the lack of manpower.

After the tour, I showed them my favorite barbecue spot on the island that I liked. Although a slightly pricey, the food was very good. Adrian asked for adobo and was mad they didn't have it. Womp.

Unfortunately, it completely escaped my mind to take pictures of all of us while we were all together. I believe Dr. McGarvey has most of the pictures on her camera. But, I do have a picture of a capsized boat..

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