Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Short But Sweet: Adrian and Vicki Visit SAJU

Hello my name is Nicholas Fitzke and I am the ProRanger currently stationed at San Juan National Historic Site.

Last week I received a nice visit from Adrian and Vicki! Things didn't go quite as planned due to troubles with flights but in the perfect ranger fashion we worked with what we were given and pulled something together.

We got to explore a bit of Old San Juan and the food it has to offer. Fried plantains are now one of my new favorite foods.

I showed them around both castles here in San Juan, San Felipe del Morro and San Cristobal. We also got to take a ride on one of the golf carts to see El Paseo del Morro and some of the other site locations scattered around Old San Juan.

We then met with my supervisor W. Morales for coffee and presented him with a lovely placard from Temple.

Despite the initial troubles it was a great visit and I got to show them everything I had planned.

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