Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cone Master

Collateral duties are miscellaneous tasks that are completed outside of your main role. They are a huge part of being a law enforcement officer, and collateral duties can be just as important to the whole operation of the park as your "normal" obligations as a ranger. In my time working with Ranger Schad, I have seen how collateral duties are necessary and directly contribute to the park. As the park's safety officer, he showed me how they perform the annual safety audit in the park's many buildings. He also did inventory on all firearms and ammo. In addition, yet completely unrelated, we also got to set up cones for 2 of the park's concerts. It's honestly an art form, and should not be taken lightly. I took pride in making the cones look good. 

Cones were set up to prohibit parking to provide easy
access in case of emergency at the Dune Climb Concert

Ranger Schad and I helping direct traffic at the
Dune Climb Concert
I know setting up cones and directing traffic isn't the hardest of jobs, but it still takes communication and teamwork. I know I have repeated it in previous blogs, but the staff at SLBE continues to show me how to operate as a well-oiled machine. 

Taken from the top of Pyramid Point Trail
As I write this blog, I am exactly one week away from my last day of work. It completely blows my mind how fast this summer has gone by, and it will be hard to say goodbye. On the bright side: still one more week! Thanks for reading.

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