Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Vicki and Adrian's visit

This week was very busy but fun also. This was the week Vicki and Adrian came visiting and we all know what that means. I was busy making sure they met everyone and everything went well. I was their tour guide (more like Vicki’s) and I gave a decent orientation of St Croix and what I have been doing as a ProRanger here in St Croix. Like I said I was Vicki’s tour guide because Adrian used to work here so it was more like an oral examination with him. He had a lot of questions and when I answered correctly, he kept playing the “are you sure?” game and made me rethink myself over and over till I learned to stand by my answers. I showed them all the three sites here in St. Croix and what we did in each of them. I got to showcase my boating skills to Adrian and we did some MOCC training. Vicki was our drowning victim and I had to throw the rope in a bag to retrieve her. It was great having them around.
ProRanger and Ranger Laurencin at the FBI training
Later that week after Vicki and Adrian left, I attended FBI training on weapons of mass destruction and incendiary devices. The training included a lecture and field demonstrations that took place in the Virgin Islands National Guard premises. I got to see how explosives could be made out of day to day home materials.
As previous weeks have ended with a wedding at the Fort, this week wasn’t any different.
This week was both my evaluation and that of St Croix’s, and we both aced it. Until my next post, stay tuned.

 P.S. Vicki got in our waters first in the course of her trip to beaches this summer J

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