Saturday, July 9, 2016


The following is a day by day account of my activities last week. In case anyone may want to know what the day-to-day schedule for a ProRanger can look like:

Monday and Tuesday (6/27-6/28)

Tours given to program manager Tony Luongo on his visit and fellow ProRanger Kathryn Pearl Yody. I drove around the park showing them the sights and met several park officials.

Wednesday (6/29)

9-10: Study RM-9 and other material in ranger station
11-1: Traveled to Bear Island and Midway Units of the park to collect camping fees with Supervisor Hughes, brought fees to Oasis visitor center
1-3: Repaired and test-drove Swamp buggy before backcountry trip on Friday
3-6: Patrol, returned to ranger station

Thursday (6/30)

8-5: Observed meeting with Park supervisors discussing future layout of park trails along with other policies. All Chiefs were present, as was the Superintendent of Big Cypress

Friday (7/1)

9-10: Gathered Supplies and drove to Oasis Visitor Center
10-12: Took Swamp Buggy into the backcountry of Big Cypress
12-3: Swamp Buggy Breaks down, assistance is called for, help is hiked to, we are driven out (blog coming)
3-6: Returned to headquarters, put in work order for buggy, dried boots, studied

Saturday (7/2)

11-3: Organized equipment shed
3-8: Reorganized Park Gym


11-12:30: Travelled to the Shark Valley district of Everglades National Park
12:30-4: Patrolled tram road and parking lot, assisted visitor who was suffering from exhaustion on the trail
4-5: Studied at Shark Valley Ranger Station
5-6: Patrolled Loop Road area of park
6-8: Return to Big Cypress, office work

In addition, there is about half an hour to an hour of PT every day as well as familiarizing oneself with the regulations and guidelines that we will see in the academy and on the job. As you can see being a ProRanger, let alone a commissioned LE Park ranger, is a varied and busy job.

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