Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Salute to Independence

Main Stage
   At Antietam Battlefield’s Salute to Independence, I worked a parking detail outside of the Visitor Center. At my post, I was within earshot of the fantastic Maryland Symphony Orchestra’s program and was able to clearly see an Air National Guard flyover. The event was my introduction to the Incident Command System, and now I can add another check to my taskbook. I had been looking forward to the event, but I really wasn’t in the mindset or the position to thoroughly enjoy everything that went on. A bright spot within my shift was that the team I was operating within included a fellow ProRanger, Nick Gosik. Nick and I were able to discuss a little of our internship contrasts and comparisons and just catch up.
   The event was held on Saturday July 2nd in order to have as many people as possible attend the event. On the 3rd, I left to spend the holiday with my family. Because of that wrench within routine, I am a week late on my blog coverage! The trip was well worth it. I believe that visit will keep any homesickness at bay until the end of my time at Antietam.


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