Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Final Post from CHRI

Like the title of this post states, this is officially my last post from my summer internship at Christiansted National Historic Site. It went by so quickly and I can say I’m a better-groomed individual now than I was on the first week of my internship. I have learned a whole lot about the Crucian culture, I have learned a lot about law enforcement, and most importantly, I have learned a lot more about the National Park Service.
Jazz night at CHRI Fort
My final two weeks went well. I did patrols of the three NPS sites in St. Croix. Made non-law enforcement contacts as usual and observed my FTO, Ranger Laurencin, make actual law enforcement contacts. I also worked during the monthly programs at the Park like the Jazz Night and observed the role law enforcement played that night. 
Ranger Laurencin working with VIPD
My final day was yet another glorious day at the courtroom where plea agreements were accepted and summons were given to outstanding citations. On my final day, I also witnessed how the concurrent jurisdiction worked at Christiansted NHS.

This summer I had a lot of firsts. It was first time trying so many meals, it was my first time navigating a vessel, it was my first time seeing an iguana, it was my first time attempting to swim in an ocean, and it was my first time seeing such crystal clear water. I could go on and on but I just want to use this measure to thank everyone at Christiansted National Historic Site for welcoming me with open arms and teaching me all I learned and experienced this summer. Thank you.

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