Monday, August 1, 2016

Got Interp? GETT Sure Does!

Ranger Rob Swearing in the Army
Hello All. Hope everyone is still having a great summer, as this week (week 8 of 10) was filled with  learning and cramming more history lessons in my head! This week I was with our interpretation division, learning just how programs are given, and was also able to see just how much the other interpretation interns have learned and how they are doing.  I can truly say that after spending the entire week with them, we have one of the best, most creative staff around. The hard work and the dedication that these guys and gals put in is amazing and it shows. On my first day there, I was assigned to the visitor information desk inside our visitor center. While there, I learned a lot more about exactly how the building itself is run, as well as all of the emergency procedures and what we are required to do if on arises. I also learned a lot of information regarding the town itself, where all of the different tour types are located, and other small bits of information that a visitor would come up and ask about.  

The kids going to battle!

Later in the day, I was able to help the interns and our seasonal staff with the Join the Army program. The Join the Army program is where we get kids “enlisted” in the union/confederate army, and they get to dress up and learn how the soldiers would fight back in the battle at Gettysburg. I enjoyed helping sign the kids up and participating in the program given outside as all of the kids were having a blast, and I was learning stuff myself in the kid’s program! My final activity of the day was sitting in on a program given by one of our permanent staff Ranger Phillip Brown. The program that he gave was Care of the Wounded, and it was a great program not only being very informational, but I was able to learn a great deal of how he structures his programs. Through the rest of the week, I was able to see more programs given by other rangers, and see just how each individual structures theirs and the differences between them all. By seeing this I feel like I would be able to take bits and pieces of each one and come up with a good structure for a program of my own if I was given the chance. I also must add that at the end of the week, I was so impressed and happy to see how great the other inters were doing, and I know they will have bright futures ahead of them!

Ranger Nate giving the Cemetery Program
Later in the week, I was able to go on a program given by one of my housemates Ranger Nate Hess. The program we did was a 45 minute Soldiers National Cemetery Program describing what happened during the battle on the grounds where the cemetery now lays, and how it was developed after the war had ended. It was so neat going on a program with someone that you live with and interact with every day to see how passionate they get about it at work, and how it’s different then at home. Although with my housemates, they are all very passionate and never stop talking about the Civil War and battle at Gettysburg, but I’m not complaining, I am going to soak it all in and learn as much as I can while I am here. I am glad I have the chance to not only live with some of the interpretive staff, but be best friends with them all, including the inters, and being able to learn more than just law enforcement skills. The best part of it all being that they will be friends for life and I will be rooting for them all to get permanent jobs in the near future along with me, and we will be able to help each other out in any way possible!

My favorite program given at the park is the Little Round Top program because of its uniqueness and the amazing view that you get to see while giving it. I was fortunate to go along on a program there given by Ranger Zack Higgins. Again it was another amazing program, and he did an excellent job in showing me different approaches to a program with as much significance as this one. It was also very rewarding because I was able to introduce myself and talk about the ProRanger program to the visitors that showed up for the program. After the program, I had a few people come up and ask me about it, and even had a young Temple alumnus who had done ROTC ask about the program. It was nice to talk to him and inform him about the program and hope to possibly see him in the future, hopefully as a member of the program! The entire week with Interpretation was very rewarding, and I hope I get the chance to see everyone again on my next visit up to GETT. If anyone plans on going to GETT who’s reading this, I recommend highly that you do programs during your visit to get the best experience and just see how incredibly talented and knowledgeable the staff is!

Beautiful View from Little Round Top Before the Program Starts


  1. I met your friends and yes they are passionate and amazing. All of you have a bright future ahead.

    Great post Nick

  2. I met your friends and yes they are passionate and amazing. All of you have a bright future ahead.

    Great post Nick