Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Visit to Virgin Islands National Park

A Visit to Virgin Islands National Park 

Days Off 

Hey there! My name is Brennan McAuley from Cohort 5. I am currently down at Christiansted National Historic Site for my second summer internship. I took a small trip on my recent days off, Keep reading to see what I was up to! 

I recently visited Virgin Islands National Park. I met up with Ranger Riester who I met last year working a detail in Lowell Massachusetts. She showed me all around the park and explained to me the different law enforcement responsibilities that pertained to her specific park. After that, we went and explored the park! we enjoyed snorkeling, hiking, and driving through the park. This gave me a chance to see a whole lot of history and natural resources. I had a blast. In the evening we met up with a couple other rangers at the park. The following day I was given the opportunity to talk to a group of YCC students about the ProRanger Program. There were most definitely some future ProRangers in the room! Overall, my time spent with Ranger Riester provided me with a great experience in a beautiful park!

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A must see view when visiting

One of the many beautiful beaches protected by the Rangers 

You can see the BVI and St. Thomas from many spots within the Park

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