Thursday, June 29, 2017

Walk This Way: on over to Boston

After a long wait and much anticipation Adrian, Vicki, and Tony finally made it to Boston to visit for the program visit. With stated, "the most interesting itinerary," they came ready for a great visit. Starting bright and early at the Charlestown Navy Yard I brought them all on over the climb the 294 step Bunker Hill Monument. We counted this as PT for the day.
 Before the climb
Photo at the top of the monument. I made this picture larger just to show our beautiful glistening faces
From Bunker Hill we continued through to the North End of Boston following the Freedom Trail through Copp's Hill Burial Ground and the Old North Church. We continued on to Faneuil Hall stopping by the visitor center and catching the very end of a ranger talk by ranger Hannigan in the Great Hall upstairs. I also must note because everyone was being well-behaved I let them go into the historic chocolate store and try some old fashioned chocolate.
Old Fashion Chocolate exhibit (free samples included)
After a few miles of walking through Boston it became time for lunch. We chose to eat at a restaurant in Quincy Market behind Faneuil Hall and everyone was definitely ready to eat.

After lunch we continued finishing the trail through the Old South Meetinghouse, Old State House, King's Chapel, Granary Burial Grounds, a very brief walk through the Boston Common, and finally continuing onto the Boston African American Heritage Trail. After the Freedom Trail we wrapped up our time in North End with dinner at the historic Union Oyster House and dessert from Mike's Pastries (also joining us for dinner was a former ProRanger). Arriving back at the Navy Yard we had a meeting with my supervisor going over the program and my progress. After such a long day it was a good thing day two was set to be more relaxing.
(I hope the meeting went well)

Day Two: Day two began bright and early again with a tour of the Navy Yard facilities including the Constitution Museum, Visitor Center, USS Cassin Young, and Law Enforcement building. This was followed by a meeting with Chief where we presented him with a plaque showing our gratitude towards his and the parks support and involvement with the program.
Presenting Chief with the plaque
The rest of our day was capped off with a visit to George's Island. There we enjoyed lunch relaxed and roamed around touring the historic fort. The island was a lot of fun.
How we have fun
On the ferry back we had my evaluation and discussion of the program a vital step for my self improvement as well as that of the program. So far the summer has continued to be a success and I look forward to the future challenges and lessons it will bring. I would like to thank Adrian, Vicki, and Tony for coming as well as Mark, Chief Tinkham, and Brittney for their involvement as well.
Thanks for Visiting!

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