Sunday, June 11, 2017

Basic 32

This week I got to spend my time with the Yosemite fire crew going to a training. In order to get my red card I will need to complete four class sections (S-130, S-190, L-180, ICS-100), then from there I will need to have a physical and pack test. Once all that is passed I will be given my red card and will be able to help with wildfires or prescribed burns within the park. Luckily for me the Basic 32 training that was out in last week went through and taught the students all four of the courses that are needed for the red card. The week was packed with information and real world experience from the instructors who ran the course. Then at the end of the week they took us out to an area that they will be doing a prescribed burn Sunday June 11th and taught us how to cut fire line properly and to lay hose so that they can ensure the fire doesn’t get out of control and burn more land than they intended to burn.
            Other than going to class all week my roommates and I went on a night hiking trip up the four-mile trail to Union Point to look at the stars and see the valley under a full moon. We also went to Hetch Hetchy which is the reservoir for San Francisco. We went there to hike the trails and see the waterfalls and the beautiful scenery which surrounds the reservoir. From Hetch Hetchy we made our way to one of the few Giant sequoia tree groves in the world and got to see just how big and magnificent these trees truly are.

            This week I learned a lot about how to fight wildfires while also staying safe. I also got to see parts of the park I haven’t been to yet and see views that left me speechless. Next week I will be in a Basic Aviation training on Monday and then will be out on patrol with a ranger for the rest of the week.


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