Saturday, June 10, 2017

High Speed Urban Rescue...of a deer??

While urban parks may be generally associated with urban issues every so often you get a call that is... out of the ordinary. Thankfully the rangers here at Boston are ready for everything, even when the park visitor that needs rescue is a deer.

The Chase:
This following takes place last Sunday between 11:00AM and 1:30PM
The visitor in need of assistance: estimated weight 100 pounds female four legs with a white tail (it was a white tail deer)
The chase began at approximately 11:00AM Sunday June 3rd after receiving reports of a deer on the loose near the Navy Yard. Riding along we spotted the deer in the area of Constitution avenue and continued to follow it where it eventually backed itself into a corner with an officer from Massachusetts Environmental Police (MEP) aiming with a dart gun to sedate it. Unfortunately the shot missed and we continued to work with MEP, animal control and Boston PD until we finally had the deer cornered, and set up our net to capture it.