Monday, August 7, 2017

Good Times Bad Times: Simulate them all pt. 1

Closing in on the end of the summer internship I started to move into a new training mode. With the help of multiple rangers and our training equipment here in Boston I was able to train through a few law enforcement simulations. Being my first time I was not sure what to expect as I was given little in terms of explanation of what I would experience and that it was to see how I would act behaviorally. So with a short explanation and doing the best I can to mentally prepare myself we moved into law enforcement scenarios.
The first set of drills began with a few more relaxed encounters including routine traffic stops, and great acting from the rangers involved. These first scenarios were helpful in showing me just how much goes into even a routine stop from tactics to radio work and basic communication there is a lot a ranger must master.
Unfortunately not all circumstances are routine traffic stops with little problems, and the simulations reflected that. After getting my feet wet with the simulations I was quickly put in a more intense scenario with greater consequences and risks being simulated. Though this gets the blood pumping I did my best to handle myself appropriately and calm myself to make the correct decisions. A great benefit to these exercises is after each one I was able to ask endless questions on the proper tactics and what I could improve on in the future.
Some of the simulations took unexpected turns as well quickly escalating from routine into intense situations. Though I learned a lot from these exercises I see there is still a lot more to come and I welcome further opportunities to partake in these training scenarios and work to becoming the best ranger I can be.

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