Sunday, August 6, 2017

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River Surveillance
River Surveillance

     During the past week, the rangers have been working the river particularly hard. Since the ban of alcohol and mandate of personal flotation devices, there has been plenty of reason to contact and write many people.

     Mammoth Cave operates with two officers on river patrol to increase officer safety. A reason for that is because most parties we have contacted are clustered between two and five canoes or kayaks. The average number of people in those contacts were between three and eight people. When you have that many people involved in a contact and no clean route to or away from them, it could make for some complications. The Green River bank is pretty steep, especially with the dropping water levels seen this season. I was responsible for carrying our pack up and down the slope. If there was further reason to investigate, my duty sometimes rolled over into securing an evidence bag, producing a ticket book, and delivering a breathalyzer to the ranger conducting SFSTs. I also conducted some surveillance by standing in cover and looking through binoculars for violations or reason to contact visitors.

     A separate instance on the river happened when a park employee reported that he had heard gunfire while on the river. We waited a day to follow up on the report. In order to have an idea who we were contacting, we researched back country permits and then checked up on the vehicles still parked near the reported location. The bottom centered picture shows four rangers fitted with PFD's, some long guns, and other gear to contact the reported visitors. After doing a quick GAR assessment, they went upstream to make the contact. It turns out the visitors were only lighting off fireworks the night before. However, it is always good to come prepared. 

Canoe Search
Riverbank Contact

Response to Report of Gunfire

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