Friday, August 4, 2017

Slicing the Pie: Learning Basic Building Search Techniques

I am now at the very end of my internship at Gettysburg National Military Park, and I am at a loss for for how quickly the time has passed. Having completed all of my required tasks, my supervisor, Ranger Murphy, took me through some red gun exercises and showed me how to perform a basic building search. Like many parks, Gettysburg has dozens of historic houses, barns, and other structures that might need to be searched in the event of an emergency. In order to learn how to safely clear rooms I went through several scenarios in which I had to clear buildings with possible break-ins.
Clearing the Ranger office 

I learned so much about the National Park Service, its divisions, organization, and mission this summer. While I'm sad to leave, I feel like I am leaving with a treasure trove of new knowledge. I can't wait to learn more and continue with the ProRanger program this upcoming semester and next summer.

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