Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ramblin' Man

Last week was very exciting as I got to travel all over Boston and see it from some of the best vantage points. On Monday our radio systems were getting an update in the center of downtown Boston and I got to be the guide for the contractors doing the work. This got us all on top of a roof right in the heart of Boston with a great view of the downtown and surrounding area.
 View from the building
We were setting up their equipment simultaneously as the workers back at the Navy Yard were setting up theirs. Their equipment was set also set up atop a building for the best communication. After a few hours of set up and coordination we were set to go on our way, unfortunately leaving this great view behind.
Another angle from the top
Reporting back the following day I took part assisting in some patrol work throughout the park, through a mostly quiet day, but when there is down time there is always work to get done. Our task for the day was to clean up some of the strictly law enforcement areas including the firearms room and firearm cleaning room. For law enforcement these areas being kept up with are a top concern and can quickly become a safety hazard, but with a little attention and some elbow grease they are looking good as new.
Firearm cleaning room looking good
Last week I also got the chance to get on the boat again, something I never plan on turning down. Boat patrol through the Harbor and Islands is an awesome experience, but we had a different mission this time. In coordination with our natural resources department we went to pick up two rangers collecting data on one of the islands. Their work was checking on the islands ecosystem and its well-being.

View of the Boston Harbor Islands (Spectacle Island in view)
Stay tuned for more ProRanger adventures as I talk about law enforcement scenario drills in my next post!

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