Monday, April 16, 2012

Waiting to be in Colonial National Historic Park

Hello all! My name is Jennifer Pflugfelder and I am a member of the newest cohort of ProRangers at Temple University. I want to start off with taking the time to thank everyone connected with the NPS ProRanger Program. I am more than grateful for such an amazing opportunity to become an intern with such an esteemed agency. Being a transfer sophomore, I have almost concluded my first year at Temple. Although I am definitely not a city person, I can say I have adapted well to the atmosphere of the campus. I am really enjoying school, even with most of the time being stuck in the books studying up on my major of Environmental Science.
I have lived in South Jersey all of my life, and I have fallen in love with the state’s Pine Barrens. Here is where I grew my love for nature and the outdoors. Once I am out there in the woods, it takes much persuasion for me to leave. My passion for nature is what first led me to want to be a park ranger. All wildlands are under constant attack by human activity and overdevelopment. Protection of these lands is very hard to control, but the National Park Service has been successful with their mission of preservation of such pristine landscapes for current and future generations. I knew I had to be part of an agency that has the same views and goals as I have. I feel the best (and also the happiest) workers are the people who are passionate about their job and what is entailed with daily duties. I cannot think of a better job than protecting what I love the most.
The National Park Service protects more than just natural wonders. They also preserve cultural and historic resources, which is of equal importance to our nation’s people. Our country’s history unites all of its citizens together, not only with remembrance and pride, but also with education and understanding. I could not think of a better place to embrace our nation’s history than Colonial National Historic Park in Virginia. I have been honored with being positioned at Colonial for my first summer internship. I have always loved history and I am more than excited to work with such a fantastic park.  Colonial is home to Jamestown, which was the first English settlement in America back in 1607. The park is also the home of Yorktown, where the American Army ultimately won the Revolutionary War in 1781. I have only been to the area once when I was much younger, so it will be a great summer full of new and lasting experiences. I cannot wait to meet and work with my new co-workers, as well as connect with and service the park’s history loving visitors. So stay tuned to my blog if you want to hear about my exciting journey in Colonial National Historic Park. Thanks for reading!! 

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