Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week 10 - The Grand Finale

For my final week at COLO I was back with Law Enforcement to finish out the summer. The first three days of my week were spent back with Ranger Lamb as we hit the parkway, did some office work, and completed some odd jobs. We finished out the third day by hitting an area near College Creek, an area of concern for multiple reasons, on foot and found some trash and other objects that allowed us to further our thoughts on what has been occurring here and by whom. The last two days of the week were spent riding along with my primary supervisor Ranger Krebs. Finally. He had been on light duty due to foot surgery all summer and made it back just in time to see me leave. Although my time riding with him was short it was nice to get to see yet another ranger's style. To finish up the first day with Ranger Krebs he put me through some traffic stop scenarios. We had three rangers on at the time so Range Krebs sat in the vehicle with me and observed and then also acted as my backup. Rangers Lamb and Sheets acted as another vehicle; a task they decided to have a lot of fun with, ie: pretending to be sovereign citizens and Ranger Sheets hiding in the backseat and popping his head up to give commentary. The next day it was business as usual in the morning but then we headed out to newly acquired NPS territory at Werowocomoco to check it out and have some lunch. The picture up top was taken from the dock at Werowocomoco. We then headed back to the park, I returned everything I had borrowed over the summer, and I said my goodbyes. 

A picture I took while on foot patrol
It's truly been a great summer and I'm extremely glad I got to spend it interning at a National Historical Park. I've learned a ton of both formal and informal knowledge about the NPS and really enjoyed my time going around division to division and meeting just about everyone in the park. Every person I met was great at taking the time to really teach me and show me both the positives and the negatives of what is going on in their line of work. I couldn't have asked for a better park to go to for the summer and I'd like to thank everyone at Colonial National Historical Park for being an outstanding group of people who truly serve the NPS well.

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